Questions about supplying in Nori?

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We’re Committed to Creating a Fair and Equitable Marketplace for Farmers

Requirements to become a supplier in Nori

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How we enable farmer autonomy in Nori

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How we balance supplier and buyer needs

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Support: enrolling your regenerative project in Nori

Need help using the Nori app while entering in farm data? Want to know what to expect during verification? Find all the answers here.

Data security & use

Nori respects farmers' privacy. We never sell or commercialize your data in any way. This is an agreement between suppliers, their partners and Nori regarding Nori’s use of your project’s operating data, and other proprietary information that you provide us that is marked confidential.

Regenerative Tonne agreement

Learn about The Regenerative Tonne Agreement suppliers sign to update and verify their farm records on a regular schedule.

How We Approach Regenerative Agriculture Practices in Our Carbon Removal Marketplace

Process based modeling

We chose process-based modeling to calculate our Regenerative Tonnes because it’s grounded in real data, calibrated and validated by soil samples, and accessible. Learn more

Achieving Regenerative Tonne permanence

We embrace the goal of permanent retention of carbon removed from the atmosphere, but intentionally diverge on how to achieve it. Learn more

Nori Croplands Methodology 1.6

Review our v1.6 methodology to learn how suppliers managing croplands can remove and store carbon in soils, and create Regenerative Tonnes to sell in Nori. Learn more

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get paid?

When your soil carbon sells in Nori's marketplace, you'll get paid in cash regularly.

How do I generate Nori Regenerative Tonnes?

Regenerative Tonnes are generated after a supplier has entered their farm data into the Nori app, run quantification to determine the incremental soil organic stock (SOC) gained from regenerative practices, verified these by a third party auditor, and signed a Regenerative Tonne agreement. Farm data is always owned by the farmer and is only used to run the Soil Metrics model and for Nori internal use.

What are the benefits to farmers who work with Nori?

Nori provides an additional income source to farmers who operate with regenerative practices. While carbon markets are emerging and a new commodity to consider, we believe that the value to farmers is not only in diversifying their income sources, but leaving the decision making and data ownership to the grower.

Are you only working with farmers in the US? What about Canada?

To start, we're working with farms in the United States. We plan to work with farms in key markets outside the U.S. in the not-too-distant future, including Canada.

Does Nori verify the Nori Regenerative Tonnes?

No. We work with third-party verifiers who conform to our established methodology standards to verify carbon removal data.

Are you working with farmers now?

Yes, Nori is working with farmers now. You can learn more on our Growers page.

Thank you for your interest in joining Nori's marketplace and your patience as we develop and refine the enrollment process.

Historical Documents

We've been around since 2017 and have come a long way. Below are past approaches to the croplands methodologies for suppliers to create and sell Regenerative Tonnes on Nori’s marketplace.