Supplier requirements

Nori connects you with buyers to pay you for your regenerative ag practices. Don’t leave money on the table, sell your soil carbon in our marketplace.

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To Supply in the Nori Marketplace, You Must Meet These Requirements:

You’ve adopted regenerative ag practices within the last 10 years

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Your fields are croplands (of any size) located in the United States

nori verified

You have quality farm management records

You can provide digital field boundaries for fields you want to enroll

The land doesn’t have Conservation Reserve Program in its historical land use since 2000

We Accept Regenerative Agriculture Practices That Have These Characteristics:

Improve soil health

Regenerative practices that improve soil health and store carbon by infusing diverse nutrients into the soil and slowing soil erosion.

Minimal soil disruption

The promotion of carbon accumulation in the soil through the minimization of soil disruption.

Longer growing seasons

Lengthening growing seasons to increase soil resiliency through the addition of cover crops and crop biodiversity.

We don’t prescribe specific practices.
We promote farmer autonomy.

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I LIKE BEING PAID, for doing a good job of keeping records. I think farmers underestimate how much their data is worth, and I think this is a wake up call.

angela, Knuth Farms

What to expect as a supplier in Nori's carbon removal marketplace

1. Enroll Your Project

Enter historical farm practices, regenerative switch year, and future farm practices into Nori.

2. Get Verified

Choose a bid from a 3rd party who will verify your project data. Suppliers are responsible for the verification cost.

3. Sign Agreement

This contract sets terms to update and verify your farm records on a regular schedule.

4. Get Issued Credits

Once a project is verified, you’ll be issued Nori Regenerative Tonnes to sell in the Nori marketplace.

5. Get Paid!

Your credits are sold in Nori’s marketplace in a Round-Robin queue, ensuring timely, regular payments.

Questions about supplying? We’re here to help!

When you become a supplier, you’ll get a dedicated account manager to answer any questions along the way. We love working directly with farmers and ag businesses of all sizes to sell their soil carbon.