Nori policy work & comment letters

Nori's response to the CFTC's RFI on the Listing of Voluntary Carbon Credit Derivative Contracts
Nori CEO Matt Trudeau explains that the CFTC has an opportunity to provide much-needed guidance for Designated Contract Markets that plan to offer Voluntary Carbon Credit futures that will, in turn, benefit the VCM more broadly. Read the full letter to understand how this guidance can help develop an efficient and effective voluntary carbon marketplace.
Open letter calling for a firewall between carbon emissions, land sequestration and permanent removals in the EU
A letter sent to the European Commission by 110 academics, businesses, civil society organisations and research institutions urging the EU to separate emissions reductions, land-based sequestration and permanent carbon removals in the EU’s post-2030 climate framework.
White Paper: Digital Infrastructure for Carbon Removal
The Carbon Business Council and Climate Collective published a white paper about Digital Infrastructure for Carbon Removal. The white paper was developed by a working group of Carbon Business Council members and affiliates, including Nori team members.
Nori's response to the USDA's Request for Information 88 FR 44251: Federal Strategy to Advance Greenhouse Gas Measurement and Monitoring for the Agricultural and Forest Sectors
Nori CEO Matt Trudeau responded to the USDA's RFI 88 FR 44251, explaining that the improvements and continued research that USDA supports can enhance the quality of SOC credits. Read the full letter to understand why we believe that an important foundational component of scaling SOC crediting is a single, transparent USDA owned model for soil organic carbon that is available for use by all VCM operators as the recognized standard.
Meeting the Goals of the Paris Agreement: Letter from 100+ Carbon Removal Experts
More than 100 carbon removal experts, including members of Nori’s team, submitted a letter in response to the UNFCCC’s Article 6.4 Supervisory Body about how carbon dioxide removal (CDR) is an essential component for a just energy transition and to limit warming to 1.5 °C.
White Paper: Unlocking Carbon Dioxide Removal with Voluntary Carbon Markets
The Carbon Business Council published a White Paper: “Unlocking Carbon Dioxide Removal with Voluntary Carbon Markets”, developed by a working group of carbon removal companies, including Nori, featuring policy and market recommendations to strengthen markets.
Nori's response to the CFTC's Request for Information on Climate-Related Financial Risk
See Nori's response to the CFTC's Request for Information on climate-related financial risk. Specifically we respond to questions 22-25 in the RFI, focused on digital assets and the voluntary carbon markets (VCM).
Nori's comments on the USDA's Climate-Smart Agriculture and Forestry Strategy
Read this 2021 letter from Nori to the USDA to understand how a well-designed federal program can accelerate the transition to regenerative agriculture practices that lead to increased atmospheric carbon dioxide removal and healthier soils.