Nori respects farmer autonomy

Nori balances the interests and concerns of both sides of the carbon market

Nori has created a different kind of carbon marketplace. We’ve lowered the barrier to entry for new carbon removal projects because we believe that farmers can make money while benefiting the environment. The more farmers successfully navigate and benefit from carbon markets, the smoother and simpler the process becomes.

Nori’s “farmer-forward” marketplace prioritizes farmer autonomy and ensures carbon removal is fairly quantified in regenerative agriculture projects. Farmers want to do what is best for their business, and Nori wants to support farmers.

Nori doesn’t want to hinder farmers’ specialized knowledge and local expertise with arbitrary and bureaucratic red tape. That’s why Nori’s marketplace supports farmers’ autonomy by allowing farmers to decide what they do on their land, how they remove carbon, and how they sell the credits.

Nori lets farmers decide what they do on their land

Farming is hard. Successfully farming requires a unique combination of tenacity, intelligence, foresight, technical know-how, and local knowledge. Working with farmers is different than the daily reality of being a farmer. Nori supports farmers, but we aren’t in the farming business.

In Nori’s marketplace, farmers retain control over what practices they adopt, what products they use, and their data privacy.

Nori implicitly trusts farmers’ judgment on what regenerative practices are best suited to their land. Nori doesn’t prescribe regenerative practices or recommend products to farmers.

Furthermore, Nori’s Data Privacy Policy guarantees that Nori and Soil Metrics will only use your operational data to estimate soil organic carbon stock change (SOCSC) and help improve Nori internal processes and issuing NRTs. Farmers’ data won’t be used for any other purpose, and farmers always own their data.

The bottom line: Nori respects farmers' independence and decision-making. We passively serve as a place for farmers to report what they did to remove and retain carbon.

Nori lets farmers decide how they remove and retain carbon

Farmers enrolled in Nori’s marketplace cannot enroll the same land in another carbon market. Outside of that requirement, farmers have the flexibility to gain additional revenue from their regenerative practices.

Nori doesn’t ask farmers to sign unwieldy contracts. Our US Croplands Methodology asks farmers to sign a contract committing to carbon removal and soil sequestration for a minimum of ten years—rather than a 100-year agreement. We’re interested in signing contracts with individual farmers, not the farmer’s grandkids.

Farmers need to retain their autonomy so they can do what they must to make ends meet. With this in mind, farmers in Nori’s marketplace can participate in other programs such as NRCS matching grants.

Additionally, farmers have the potential to stack different ecosystem benefits while part of the Nori market. The value of regenerative practices isn’t limited to carbon sequestration. Nori doesn’t prevent farmers from receiving payments for additional ecosystem services such as pollinator habitats or improved water quality.

The bottom line: Nori wants farmers to have access to adequate compensation for being good stewards of their land.

Nori prioritizes farmers across marketplace processes

Nori is a marketplacethat aims to get farmers paid a fair price for their carbon credits. Nori will never recommend a Regenerative Tonne price that’s lower than what the market indicates is the price of carbon. 

Ultimately, Nori wants to ensure that farmers get paid for regenerative practices that sequester carbon from the atmosphere. For Regenerative Tonne sales, Nori takes a 25% processing fee from the buyer — rather than taking the fee from farmers. Nori has a Round-Robin queue, so our available inventory cycles through various suppliers, helping ensure that suppliers are paid regularly, over time. 

The bottom line: Profit and reversing climate change aren’t mutually exclusive. Nori believes that farmers can make money while providing a cleaner and more resilient environment.

Nori partners with farmers to create an easy-to-navigate, successful marketplace

By prioritizing farmer autonomy, Nori’s marketplace benefits everyone. Farmers perform the sometimes thankless job of feeding a growing population. Adopting regenerative agriculture practices is a long-term investment in farmers’ and the planet’s future. Nori values farmers as equal partners, and believes farmers deserve to be adequately and routinely compensated for their carbon removal effort.