STEPN by FindSatoshi Lab

STEPN is a web 3 lifestyle app with social-fi and game-fi elements. Players can make handsome earnings by walking, jogging, or running outdoors.STEPN has partnered with Nori as a portion of STEPN's profit goes to buy carbon removal on the blockchain to combat climate change

Subscription Type: Monthly
Retirement Location: South Australia, AUS

Impact Report

Total NRTs Purchased: 23,188.3 NRTs

Carbon Removal Projects Supported: 7

Impact Statement Through 5 purchases of NRTs, STEPN has funded the removal of over 23,000 tonnes of excess carbon from our atmosphere. Simultaneously, STEPN has positively impacted the lives and operations of farmers hard at work capturing and storing greenhouse gases in the soil of their farmlands. The results of these transactions have lead to healthier soils and aides in facilitating a future in which 7 suppliers can continue expand their regenerative, carbon capturing farming practices to even more acres of land.

🎥 Check out this thank you video from Jeremy Muff thanking buyers like STEPN for their support!

Links to Certificates

🌿 4347.8 NRTs | 08/2022 | STEPN

🌿 4347.8 NRTs | 07/2022 | STEPN

🌿 4347.8 NRTs | 06/2022 | STEPN

🌿 4347.8 NRTs | 05/2022 | STEPN

🌿 5797.1 NRTs | 04/2022 | STEPN

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