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Drive positive climate impact with Nori Regenerative Tonnes, carbon removal credits that support regenerative farming in the US.

Each Regenerative Tonne represents approximately 1 tonne of carbon removed from the atmosphere and stored in the soil for 10+ years. Your purchase supports farmers who are using regenerative practices like cover cropping and reduced or no-tillage — practices that also lead to climate-positive co-benefits like increased soil biodiversity, erosion resistance, and nutrient-dense food production.

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of farmers report improved crop resilience to extreme weather
increase in crop yields, which could generate food for an additional 640M people on a global scale
increase in farmer income within the first 12 months of regenerative practice implementation 

Make a positive climate impact beyond this trip.

Set a carbon removal subscription to drive positive climate impact on a monthly, quarterly, or custom basis. Modify or cancel anytime.

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Regenerative Tonnes drive positive impact by

co2 underground

Removing Carbon

Regenerative Tonnes support farming practices that remove excess CO2 from the atmosphere, with the potential to sequester hundreds of millions of tonnes of CO2 every year.

co2 removal benefits nature

Restoring Soils

Regenerative agriculture supports various facets of soil restoration such as improving soil structure, soil biodiversity, and nutrient density in food production.

Stabilizing Climate

Carbon removal via regenerative agriculture and other available solutions can mitigate peak warming and avoid environmental tipping points to maintain Earth’s ecological balance.

reach your climate goals with credits you can count on

Easy to track and showcase

Receive a one-of-a-kind certificate showing where and when carbon was removed. The certificate also updates over the lifetime of the project.

Third party verified and quantified

Third-party partners quantify the amount of carbon removed from each project, then independent verifiers audit the projects to ensure practice changes, data accuracy, and land authority.

No secondary sales

Nori Regenerative Tonnes are immediately retired once purchased, meaning they can’t be resold or traded. This helps drive more money towards carbon removal projects.

Meet some of the regenerative agriculture suppliers in Nori’s marketplace

Nori works with independent farms, like Harborview Farms, as well as agricultural companies, like Bayer, to scale the transition to regenerative agriculture. Farmers implement regenerative practices like cover cropping, diversified crop rotations, and conservation tillage that increase carbon storage on their land, then Regenerative Tonnes are created that represent the carbon stored.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When and where does the carbon removal for Nori Regenerative Tonnes take place?

The vintage years for our supplier's credits are listed on our Registry page, with new credits coming online frequently. When you purchase Regenerative Tonnes, your certificate shows where and when carbon was removed and is updated throughout the certificate’s lifetime.

Currently, all carbon removals take place on US farmland in line with Nori’s US Croplands Methodology. On our Registry page, you can see which states each farmer operates in, and when you receive a certificate, you can see your supplier, when the carbon was removed, and approximately where your carbon is stored.

How do Nori Regenerative Tonnes get created?

Regenerative Tonnes are created using the following steps:

  1. Suppliers provide project data
  2. An independent third-party estimates carbon removal — The Regenerative Tonne quantity is determined based on carbon amounts tracked in the model; The model Nori uses is based on the USDA Blue Book-approved COMET-Farm carbon accounting system and greenhouse gas implementation tool and is underpinned by soil sampling. This is a third-party model and the soil organic carbon is independently quantified.
  3. A separate third-party verifier ensures that the supplier’s data is accurate and represents real carbon removal and storage.
  4. Then, the Nori Regenerative Tonnes get listed in Nori’s marketplace, where buyers can purchase them.
  5. Buyers can track and share their impact with unique carbon removal certificates.
How does Nori ensure Regenerative Tonne quality?

Regenerative Tonne quality is ensured in the following ways:

  1. All credits are ex-post, which means the carbon has already been removed. We do not sell reduction or avoidance credits.
  2. We use a third-party verifier to ensure that farmers have adopted regenerative practices and maintain these practices;
  3. The model Nori uses is based on the USDA Blue Book-approved COMET-Farm carbon accounting system and greenhouse gas implementation tool and is underpinned by soil sampling. This is a third-party model and the soil organic carbon is independently quantified;
  4. Nori employs a dynamic baseline, measuring only carbon sequestration that occurs above and beyond modeled scenarios of what would have naturally occurred. This is crucial for accurately quantifying how much extra carbon dioxide is being removed from the soils, where carbon levels can fluctuate naturally;
  5. Nori conservatively quantifies carbon credits by taking the lesser of two soil organic carbon numbers the model produces and using that number to create the Nori Regenerative Tonne. This method likely undervalues the amount of carbon being stored in the soil (based on an analysis of all of Nori’s enrolled projects);
  6. The Nori contract is for 10 years because that is a reasonable period to monitor the practices and ensure there has not been a reversal (i.e. where carbon is intentionally or unintentionally returned to the atmosphere) or mitigate for a reversal;
  7. All Nori projects are recorded on a public blockchain and are visible on our supplier pages providing an industry-leading level of transparency in the Voluntary Carbon Markets. This provides buyers the ability to see the projects and practices that are being funded by their purchases;
  8. The blockchain prevents a credit from being claimed more than once and all Nori Regenerative Tonnes are immediately retired upon purchase.
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Make your Shoptalk trip climate-friendly

Purchase a Regenerative Tonne to address emissions from your travels.