Rarible is a multi-chain community-centric NFT marketplace with a deep commitment to environmental sustainability. Rarible has teamed up with Nori to offer carbon-neutral minting. Creators have the option to pay a tax to offset the adverse effects of their minting transactions on the environment. You can read more about their efforts in this blogpost and on this webpage

Retirement Location: California, USA
Total Amount Purchased: 1,208 NRTs

Rarible enables their users to buy, mint and trade NFTs with a clear conscience

Rarible built a “Magic Button” with Nori’s integration that allows their users to purchase carbon removal directly from their NFT marketplace. In return, their users were rewarded with a badge on their NFTs showing its carbon removal impact.

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Nori integration tracker

Rarible and Nori have proudly partnered to bring the Nori integration to Rarible's marketplace, allowing Rarible's users to reverse the carbon emissions associated with their NFTs. Here's how to use it!

  • 323 NRTs | as of 12/08/2022