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Nori Launches First Hybrid Carbon Removal Credit, Simplifying Emissions Compensation

Seattle, WA, December 5, 2023 — Nori, a pioneering carbon removal marketplace, launches the Nori Net Zero Tonne™, a first-of-its-kind hybrid carbon removal credit that pairs Nori Regenerative Tonnes™ with permanent carbon removal from Frontier — enabling businesses to credibly compensate for present-day emissions, while driving immediate and lasting impact.

Businesses face challenges in fully compensating for present-day emissions due to a lack of permanent carbon removal options. To effectively neutralize emissions, we need to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere either before fossil fuel emissions are released or simultaneously, and then store it permanently. According to’s tracking at the time of writing, only 2.9% of purchased durable carbon removals have been delivered. Since most permanent carbon removal won’t be realized for another few years, on its own, it can’t negate emissions that occur in the interim.

The Nori Net Zero Tonne solves this problem by pairing immediately available Nori Regenerative Tonnes with Frontier Offtake Tonnes that have overlapping carbon storage timelines: The Regenerative Tonnes represent carbon that has already been removed and continues to be stored in the soil, with a minimum storage period of ten years. Frontier Offtake Tonnes fund permanent carbon removal, through solutions like Direct Air Capture, which will occur within the storage period of Nori Regenerative Tonnes, and store carbon for 1,000+ years.

"We are excited to introduce the Net Zero Tonne, a product that embodies our commitment to innovative and impactful climate solutions," said Matt Trudeau, CEO of Nori. "Carbon removal that is currently available is scalable but impermanent, whereas durable carbon removal often faces greater barriers to scale. By combining the two removal types in a single product, we are simplifying emissions compensation for companies of any size."

Developed based on an expert-reviewed whitepaper published in July, the Nori Net Zero Tonne is in line with the Oxford Principles recommendations and IPCC mitigation strategies. “Developing permanent carbon removal technologies is crucial for our long-term climate strategy but an increasing number of studies make it clear that we can’t afford to wait — we need to utilize scalable solutions now, through approaches like regenerative agriculture, to help stabilize key environmental tipping elements”, said Rick Berg, Director of Methodology at Nori. “By improving the health and carbon-storing capacity of our soils today, we are buying ourselves time—time for further decarbonization, time for innovation, and time for the safe, intentional deployment of future carbon dioxide removal solutions. The Nori Net Zero Tonne takes a nature-as-a-bridge approach, supporting both regenerative and permanent carbon removal with each purchase.”

OpenAir Collective, a CDR policy and tech-advancement advocate network, was the first to buy Nori Net Zero Tonnes. "Consistent with our mission, OpenAir Collective is proud to make the inaugural purchase of Nori's Net Zero Tonne, a new kind of carbon removal product that creates both immediate and enduring positive climate impact", said Chris Neidl, cofounder of OpenAir Collective.

The Nori Net Zero Tonne™ sets a new standard in emissions compensation, offering businesses a credible, efficient, and impactful solution that boasts the immediacy and co-benefits of soil carbon as well as the durability and permanence of solutions like DAC and biomass carbon removal and storage.

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About Nori:
Nori is a carbon removal marketplace based in Seattle, Washington. Founded in 2017, Nori is on a mission to reverse climate change by developing market-driven solutions to remove 1.5 trillion metric tonnes of legacy carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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Cautionary Statement:
This product is intended to be used for voluntary claims. It’s important to highlight that the voluntary carbon market is evolving quickly, and while the intent is for these tonnes to meet or exceed standards for high-quality removal, we can’t guarantee compliance at this time. If you are using these purchases against a specific regulation or standard, please ensure they align with your specific requirements.