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Klutch Integrates Nori Carbon Removals

Klutch Integrates Nori Carbon Removals, Enabling Cardholders to Drive Positive Climate Impact with Every Swipe

Seattle, Washington - April 2nd, 2024 - Today Klutch, the customizable credit card company, and Nori, a leading integrated carbon removal credit issuer, registry, and market, announced the launch of the Climate Impact MiniApp — an integration that enables Klutch cardholders to make a positive impact on the planet with every payment they make.

The Climate Impact MiniApp seamlessly integrates into the Klutch user experience, offering cardholders easy and flexible ways to fund regenerative carbon removal projects. Cardholders can add their desired amount to each transaction to purchase Nori Regenerative Tonnes, carbon removal credits that support regenerative agriculture and soil restoration.

To ensure transparency and to foster a connection with the impact of their contributions, Climate Impact MiniApp users will receive unique certificates each month. The certificates provide details on the carbon removal credits they purchased, including project information such as when, where, and how the carbon was removed, and who verified the project.

"The launch of the Climate Impact MiniApp is a testament to Klutch's dedication to control and personalization, catering to our cardholders' diverse interests and values," said Ren Steinberg, CEO of Klutch. "Partnering with Nori allows us to extend this ethos into the environmental realm, offering a powerful tool for those in our community who are passionate about making a positive impact on the climate. It's about giving our users the freedom to shape their financial impact in a way that aligns with their personal convictions, including the vital cause of environmental stewardship."

Matt Trudeau, CEO of Nori, expressed, “Atmospheric carbon removal needs to be scaled up significantly — and rapidly — to reach global climate mitigation targets. Integrating it into day-to-day activities, like Klutch’s MiniApp does, unlocks the power of consumers to help us reach those goals faster by giving individuals the ability to take climate action. We are excited to work with Klutch and their cardholders toward scaling up positive climate action.”

The Climate Impact MiniApp is available to all Klutch cardholders. For more information about the Climate Impact MiniApp, visit

About Nori:

Founded in 2017, Nori is on a mission to scale carbon removal with increased transparency, trust, and impact. Driven by the ultimate goal of reversing climate change, its fully integrated issuing program, registry, and marketplace ensure high-integrity carbon removal credits while lowering barriers for carbon removal suppliers and buyers alike. Its customizable Carbon Removal API enables businesses to seamlessly integrate verifiable climate action into any website or app. 

About Klutch:

Klutch redefines the credit card experience by prioritizing true personalization and control through MiniApps. The platform caters to the unique financial needs of its users and serves as a vibrant ecosystem for partners to showcase their products. This approach not only enriches the Klutch experience but also establishes Klutch as an innovative distribution channel for companies aiming to connect with a forward-thinking audience.

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