Host Ross Kenyon’s favorite episodes from Season 2 of Reversing Climate Change

Where does one begin their Reversing Climate Change marathon? We recommend starting with host Ross Kenyon's favorite episodes from Season 2.

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Where does host Ross Kenyon recommend you start your Reversing Climate Change marathon?

Despite his status as the beloved host of Reversing Climate Change, Ross Kenyon is surprisingly bashful about the limelight.

Like a parent who can’t pick a favorite child, Ross was reluctant to name specific episodes as “favorites” amongst Reversing Climate Change’s impressive library of content.

However, we were able to elicit answers after bribing him with a plethora of delicious treats. So, without further ado, freely sate your curiosity about which season two episodes have especially stuck with Reversing Climate Change’s host Ross Kenyon.

You can listen to the full playlist of Ross's Favorite Episodes from Season 2 of Reversing Climate Change here.

S2E53: Paul Kingsnorth on the shared roots of climate crisis, transhumanism, & immortality

Nori: This episode seems to have been a fan-favorite of season 2. Why do you think that is?

Ross: “Paul Kingsnorth is an arch-prophet, and while Nori tends to be optimistic and solutions-oriented, one also should remember what is at stake and what is maybe unstated by some wizards. I like to read widely, and Paul offers a number of very smart challenges to wizards that have really made me think.

"I had to try quite hard to get Paul on, given that the title of the show was likely to turn him off, but I think it became one of our more unique episodes that veers into topics about mind/body duality, transhumanism, the quest for immortality, and theology.”

S2E15: Are you a wizard or a prophet?—w/ Charles C. Mann

Nori: What makes this episode, in particular, stand out to you?

Ross: “Charles C. Mann's split between environmental wizards and prophets is incredibly useful for understanding some basic differences in how people approach climate change and ecological crises in general. Wizards think innovation can save humans faster than the problems that are created. Prophets think we're in a period of great overreach and peril.

"Both have points worth making which is why one side has never fully overtaken the other. This framework is very useful, and it was also just great having Charles on given how cool his books 1491 & 1493 are. In fact, you can look across our guests and find representatives from all across this axis, and that’s one of the reasons that doing the podcast is so intellectually stimulating for me.”

S2E33: Sailing in the age of climate change—w/ John Kretschmer, author and sailor

Ross: “John Kretschmer is a sailor and author. He also appreciates the classics, so we got to talk about his life aquatic, writing, and how his work as an expedition sailor is changing with the climate. Not a bad day of work for me, this one.”

S2E12: The Hottest New Literary Genre Is ‘Doomer Lit’—w/ Kate Knibbs, Senior Writer at Wired

Ross: “John Kretschmer is a sailor and author. He also appreciates the classics, so we got to talk about his life aquatic, writing, and how his work as an expedition sailor is changing with the climate. Not a bad day of work for me, this one.”Nori: What compelled you to record a Reversing Climate Change episode like this? Why does it stand out as a season favorite?

Ross: “Kate Knibbs wrote a piece for WIRED about the rise of doomer lit, a subgenre of climate-fiction, a subgenre of such and such (who can even keep up with literary taxonomy), and I knew we had to do a show about it. There is so much to talk about that Jess and I did an episode about it again, and then Jess and I invited some folks from Grist on to talk about their cli-fi contest. Books are good, and now as I am doing this list I am seeing such a clear pattern.”

S2E57: Farming While Black: race and regenerative agriculture—w/ Leah Penniman of Soul Fire Farms

Nori: How do fans of Reversing Climate Change benefit from listening to this episode?

Ross: “Lean Penniman's book Farming While Black is almost certainly the most unique farming manual I have read. Most books about farming take political economy and race for granted, but Leah's doesn't, which makes it an invaluable addition to your shelf of food and ag books.”

S2E8: Commoditizing Forest Carbon and Its Discontents—w/ Dr. Lauren Gifford

Nori: What information did you find useful in this episode?

Ross: “Lauren Gifford's research on forest carbon offsets has offered us a lot to think about as we make progress with Nori. What even is an offset anyways? Some of the questions end up so strange if you look at it long enough. Lauren also hosts her own podcast called Carbon Social Club which is well worth a listen.”

S2E51: Kim Stanley Robinson chats The Ministry for the Future, blockchain, & macroeconomics

Nori: What makes this episode particularly special to you?

Ross: “Kim Stanley Robinson is a science fiction legend. His Mars trilogy first got Nori CEO and cofounder Paul Gambill interested in climate change and carbon removal. We spend nearly two hours here talking about the genre, carbon removal, blockchain, and sort of everything. He's been a huge influence on Nori, so this was especially delightful for us.”

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