Where Are the Buyers?Where Are the Buyers?
Episode #

Where Are the Buyers?

Episode #

Where Are the Buyers?


Where are the buyers? That’s the question CDR-observer and climate advisor Robert Höglund asked in a much-discussed recent post.

Höglund points out that while significant growth occurred for CDR through voluntary markets in 2022, the number of large buyers is low and growing slowly.

He called the market “upside down”: lots of marketplaces, fewer companies doing removal, even fewer buyers.

Today we’ll look at his post and use it as a jumping-off point to discuss some recent headlines in the business of carbon removal. Including-

· CDR startups announcing new funding from oil and gas companies

· The Guardian’s recent reporting claiming the climate benefit of Verra’s carbon offsets is overstated

· Patch’s new offtake agreement format

· Climeworks’ third-party verification of their DAC process

· Should CO2 credits also include co-benefits?

On This Episode

Susan Su

Na’im Merchant

Radhika Moolgavkar


Höglund blog post

Captura & 44.01 new fundraising

Guardian’s reporting on Verra

Verra’s response to the article

Patch Offtake

Climeworks announcement

EPA EJ agreement

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