What Does It Mean When Oil Majors Buy Biochar?What Does It Mean When Oil Majors Buy Biochar?
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What Does It Mean When Oil Majors Buy Biochar?

Episode #

What Does It Mean When Oil Majors Buy Biochar?


Do carbon removal suppliers and registries have a responsibility in choosing their customers, or in enforcing how their carbon removals are used? Is it better that the money go to carbon removal than alternative uses? What matters, and at which magnitudes?

In today's episode of Carbon Removal Newsroom, host Radhika Moolgavkar, Nori's VP of Supply and Methodology, is joined by her business panelists Susan Su, a venture capitalist at Toba Capital, and Na'im Merchant, the Co-founder and Executive Director of Carbon Removal Canada.

A spirited debate ensues about Shell Environmental Product's purchase of biochar credits, SWISS and Lufthansa Group's support of Climeworks, as well as the Copenhagen Airport's carbon removal portfolio purchase from Klimate.co. This type of industry interest in carbon removal, while directionally correct, can trigger debate within the carbon removal community. Many are happy for the support in scaling the new industry. Others worry it is better to maintain CDR's independence. This question is unlikely to be settled any time soon, but tune in and listen to some hot and yet considered takes on the matter.

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⁠⁠⁠Radhika Moolgavkar⁠⁠⁠

Susan Su

Na'im Merchant


The ETH Zürich report on DAC costs

Robert Höglund's response

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