What We're Thankful for in CDRWhat We're Thankful for in CDR
Episode #

What We're Thankful for in CDR

Episode #

What We're Thankful for in CDR


The U.S. elections provided a boost to a President who has overseen climate action, world leaders are gathering in Egypt for COP27 to discuss our climate future, and what could be the next Enron has crashed crypto.

What does it all mean for the business of carbon removal?? Join us this week to learn more-

Susan thinks this election was a big win for climate voters, and provides some data about the unexpected impact that bloc has begun to have.

Na’im reflects on the lesson’s of the FTX collapse and what carbon removal and climate tech communities should learn from it.

The panelists also talk about the people, organizations, and trends they’re thankful for this year in the world of CDR.

Our regular business panel Susan Su and Na’im Merchant join host Radhika Moolgavkar.

On This Episode

Susan Su

Na’im Merchant

Radhika Moolgavkar


Environmental Voter Project

EVP Seminar on Georgia runoff

This Election’s ‘Green Wave’

NY Voters pass Environmental Bond in the midterms

Dai Ellis’ The Great Unwind



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