What scares a wizard?—w/ Teresa Carey, journalist at FreethinkWhat scares a wizard?—w/ Teresa Carey, journalist at Freethink
Episode #

What scares a wizard?—w/ Teresa Carey, journalist at Freethink

Episode #

What scares a wizard?—w/ Teresa Carey, journalist at Freethink


Should we genetically engineer carbon-hungry trees? Can metal-eating trees clean up abandoned mines? Does seaweed have the potential to save the planet? While these ideas might seem outlandish, they are all examples of actual solutions to our environmental issues people are working on right now.

Teresa Carey is a senior staff writer at Freethink, a platform that features the passionate innovators working to solve humanity’s greatest challenges. Prior to becoming a journalist, Teresa was a professional mariner and USCG licensed captain. On this episode of the Reversing Climate Change podcast, Teresa joins Ross to discuss the outside-the-box solutions to climate change she has written about, sharing her particular interest in covering the environment, genetics, climate technology, and carbon removal.

She explains how innovators are genetically engineering trees to suck more CO2 out of the atmosphere, offering her take on the debate around GMOs and the impact hybrid breeding might have on local ecosystems. Listen in for Teresa’s insight on the potential dangers of consumer genetic tests and find out what she learned about the process of sequestering carbon in seaweed to generate carbon offsets.

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