What Polling Says About CDRWhat Polling Says About CDR
Episode #

What Polling Says About CDR

Episode #

What Polling Says About CDR


Earlier this year, the think tank and polling organization Data for Progress released polling that showed that voters all across the political spectrum support federal procurement of carbon removal.

Researchers conducted two polls, one of New York voters on statewide legislation there and another of voters nationwide on pending Federal legislation. These two similar bills would compel the government to directly purchase carbon removals. In a February episode, we discussed the specifics of these bills with policy advocate and co-author of this report Toby Bryce.

Data for Progress also released polling last year, which also found support, though low recognition, for CDR and government investment into it.

This week Radhika and Chris talk with Celina Scott-Buechler of DFP about how this research was conducted, what the researchers found, and what she makes of the prospects for CDR procurement legislation.

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Celina Scott-Buechler

Chris Barnard


-Data for Progress

-DFP Polling

-Morning Consult Poll

-Forbes article “The Top Five Legal Barriers To Carbon Capture And Sequestration In Texas

-Manchin-Shumer permitting reform legislation

-Openair Collective

-Susskind et al. research on renewable energy siting

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