The Carbon Takeback Obligation & carbon removal—w/ Margriet KuijperThe Carbon Takeback Obligation & carbon removal—w/ Margriet Kuijper
Episode #

The Carbon Takeback Obligation & carbon removal—w/ Margriet Kuijper

Episode #

The Carbon Takeback Obligation & carbon removal—w/ Margriet Kuijper


What would happen if businesses were expected or even required to store a tonne of carbon for every tonne of carbon they produce? A Carbon Takeback Obligation is a policy framework that aims to make that the new standard. Today we learn more about how such a system might operate.

Margriet Kuijper is a former civil engineer for Shell, where she focused on the development of carbon capture and storage projects. Today, she serves as an independent consultant working on a Carbon Takeback Obligation, otherwise known as CTBO. On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Margriet joins Ross to share the simple idea behind a Carbon Takeback Obligation and explain how it addresses the common concerns associated with oil and gas carbon capture projects.

Margriet discusses how CTBO makes polluters pay to clean up their emissions and describes how CTBO policy could work in tandem with a carbon tax or emissions trading system, incentivizing both emitters and producers to find solutions together. Listen in to understand Margriet’s take on the role of offsets under CTBO and in a net-zero world, and learn how businesses would benefit from the long-term policy certainty of a Carbon Takeback Obligation.

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