Progress on Woody Biomass BurialProgress on Woody Biomass Burial
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Progress on Woody Biomass Burial

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Progress on Woody Biomass Burial


Biomass burial is a CDR methodology that we haven’t yet dug into on our show. Compared to some CDR techniques, biomass burial is a surprisingly simple approach. It involves burying wood trimmings underground to prevent decomposition and thus, the release of carbon back into the atmosphere.

Our guests today are Ning Zeng, a professor at the University of Maryland and founder of Carbon Lockdown, and Daniel Sanchez, chief scientist for biomass carbon removal and storage at Carbon Direct.

They are both developing this methodology which attempts to take advantage of nature's ability to capture CO2 in trees. By creating wood vaults in a underground oxygen-free environment - they aim to preserve carbon for potentially thousands of years.

This method has begun to garner attention from investors, offset marketplaces like Puro, and the media.

On this episode we'll explore the science behind biomass burial, its potential impact on reducing atmospheric CO2, and how it fits into the larger CDR portfolio.

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Ning Zeng

Daniel Sanchez

Radhika Moolgavkar


Carbon Lockdown

Ning’s academic work on Wood Vault approach

Puro listing for Carbon Lockdown Potomac project

Greenbiz article about woody biomass burial

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