New CDR Developments in the EUNew CDR Developments in the EU
Episode #

New CDR Developments in the EU

Episode #

New CDR Developments in the EU


A lot has been happening in Europe lately.To break it all down for us, we’re joined by Sebastian Manhart, senior policy advisor at Carbonfuture and Initiator and Chair of the DVNE, Germany's CDR association.The episode discusses three major topics: 1) The good, the bad, and the surprising news from the concluded trilog negotiations on the Carbon Removal Certification Framework - how did reductions make it in there?2) The EU’s proposed 2040 emissions targets which quantifies the cost of inaction at 2.4 trillion euros.

3) The Green Claims Directive, which aims to address a critical issue: 53 percent of all environmental claims in Europe are misleading, and 40 percent are unfounded.Enjoy this power session on EU policy!

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Radhika MoolgavkarSebastian Manhart


The Carbon Removal Certification Framework: Europe's Blueprint for Net-Zero 

From Greenwashing to Green Trust: The State of European Environmental Claims Regulation

Understanding Carbon Removal Policy Across Europe: An Exclusive Analysis

Tech openness letter signed by 350 companies

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