Biotech Trees w/ Living CarbonBiotech Trees w/ Living Carbon
Episode #

Biotech Trees w/ Living Carbon

Episode #

Biotech Trees w/ Living Carbon


Biotech trees: the new frontier

This week on Carbon Removal Newsroom, we sat down with Maddie Hall, CEO and co-founder of Living Carbon, to discuss how her company enhances the ability of photosynthetic organisms to draw down and store carbon from the atmosphere through the responsible use of biotechnology.

Listen in to hear Maddie explain how these trees are designed to absorb more carbon dioxide by leveraging C4 photosynthesis, a more efficient form of photosynthesis.

Learn about typical concerns and misconceptions regarding the risks of photosynthetically enhanced trees, and discover why tree resilience is as exciting to Living Carbon as carbon removal.

Enjoy this foray into the promising potential of biotech trees!

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