Lots Happening in CDR BusinessLots Happening in CDR Business
Episode #

Lots Happening in CDR Business

Episode #

Lots Happening in CDR Business


It’s been a few months since our business panel has gathered to break down the many headlines coming from the world of CDR.

On this episode we’ll talk about some of the biggest news from September: new funds, new deployments, new corporate purchases, and a gathering of the who’s who in carbon removal in New York City. You’ll hear news about

Amazon + Occidental

Microsoft + Heirloom

DOE’s DAC Hubs

Microsoft + Carbon Streaming


The Reykjavik Protocol

Climate Weeks NYC

& more…

Joining us on this episode is our business panel: Susan Su, a partner focused on climate investing at TOBA capital, a board member at the Carbon Business Council, and a board advisor to the Environmental Voter Project and Na'im Merchant the Executive Director of Carbon Removal Canada, an Elemental Excelerator policy fellow and the author of the The Carbon Curve, a newsletter about the policies and technologies needed to grow the carbon removal market.

On This Episode

Radhika Moolgavkar

Susan Su

Na'im Merchant


Amazon’s deal with Occidental

Microsoft’s deal with Heirloom

Heirloom DAC Hub

Microsoft’s deal with Carbon Streaming

Climeworks in Kenya

Our interviews with Octavia’s CEO

The Reykavik Protocol

Web Summit Climate Track

Carbon Removal Canada’s launch event

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