Innovations in Remote Sensing for Blue CarbonInnovations in Remote Sensing for Blue Carbon
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Innovations in Remote Sensing for Blue Carbon

Episode #

Innovations in Remote Sensing for Blue Carbon


Blue carbon has emerged as a popular climate solution, with offset marketplaces like Verra and Gold Standard eyeing blue carbon methodologies and Salesforce and the World Economic Forum teaming up to announce their own blue carbon credit framework at COP27 last year.

Crediting for blue carbon usually means protecting ecosystems like mangrove forests, seagrass beds, and salt marshes. It can also include restoring these ecosystems when they’ve been degraded or destroyed.

A recent paper published in the journal “Earth Science Reviews” titled “Remote Sensing for Effective Blue Carbon Accounting” reviewed the potential for new technology to improve the remote sensing of blue carbon ecosystems.

Carbon markets continue to grow, and billions of dollars will likely flow toward blue carbon projects. So how well can scientists even tell when ecosystems are sequestering CO2? And what is the promise of new technologies to improve those estimates?

Joining Radhika on this episode are Holly Jean Buck and Shannon Valley.

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Holly Jean Buck

Shannon Valley

Radhika Moolgavkar


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