CDR in the Next CongressCDR in the Next Congress
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CDR in the Next Congress

Episode #

CDR in the Next Congress


We planned an episode this week about carbon removal policy in the next Congress. At the time of recording we still don’t know which party will control either chamber. Since it looks most likely that the GOP will win at least the House of Representatives, we focused this episode on the prospect for bipartisan CDR policy opportunities.

While Joe Biden and the Democrats retain control of the White House, they likely can’t pass legislation without Republican votes like they’ve been able to do for the last two years. All legislation, including the annual budget, must be agreed upon by both parties.

The U.S. invested a lot in CDR during the last congress…

-Some of that the Democrats passed alone, like increases to the 45Q tax credit included in the Inflation Reduction Act,

-but some were done on a bipartisan basis, like the direct investments in CDR found in the Infrastructure bill and CHIPS Act.

What can we expect from Federal Government in the next two years? Will divided government bring more or less support for CDR?

We have two special guest panelists here to discuss this with us today, Savita Bowman, a Program Manager at Clearpath, and Karly Matthews, the Communications Director at the American Conservation Coalition.

Chris Barnard is away at COP27 this week and Radhika Moolgavkar is away. This episode was guest hosted by CRN producer Asa Kamer.

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Savita Bowman

Karly Matthews



American Conservation Coalition

Increases to the 45Q tax credit

CDR in the Infrastructure bill and CHIPS Act


Bipartisan Biochar Bill

Growing Climate Solutions Act stalls

US Climate Targets Achievable if Congress Flips

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