CDR Axed from Climate PlansCDR Axed from Climate Plans
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CDR Axed from Climate Plans

Episode #

CDR Axed from Climate Plans


Should carbon removal be included in institutional climate plans? It’s a debate that’s taken place across business, government, and science in recent years.

The rise of the net-zero framework has sharpened the focus on how and when organizations should decarbonize. And how carbon removal fits in.

Last week two influential organizations weighed in on how they plan to use carbon removal in the coming years.

The Net-Zero Owner Alliance, a UN-convened group of 84 large investors, declared that their members will not be able to invest in carbon removal to reach their climate goals until at least 2030.

And the European Commission released its draft Green Deal Industrial Plan, a new set of policy objectives to build out their climate infrastructure. It includes support for many decarbonization technologies, but at least one CDR NGO says it doesn’t do enough for carbon removal.

We’re pleased to announce the return of long-time friend of the show Holly Jean Buck. Welcome back, Holly!

On a less happy note, it is the last episode for Chris Barnard as a regular panelist. Chris, you will be missed.

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