Carbon Removal Knowledge GapsCarbon Removal Knowledge Gaps
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Carbon Removal Knowledge Gaps

Episode #

Carbon Removal Knowledge Gaps


Back in April of this year, Stripe, Alphabet, Shopify, Meta, and McKinsey announced a joint project to invest $925 million into carbon removal by 2030.

Using an Advanced Market Commitment structure, the group aims to provide a source of stable demand and revenue to potential CDR companies to help the industry grow.

In November, Frontier offered a new resource to the CDR industry- a database of “Carbon Removal Knowledge Gaps.”

In a blog post announcing the release of the work, the authors said, “we’ve noticed a few areas that are underexplored relative to their potential. So, here we’re experimenting with a supply “push.” Our hypothesis is that we can more quickly shake the proverbial tree for the most promising ideas in CDR.”

To discuss the report this week and talk about what they see as big knowledge gaps for CDR are our regular science panel Shannon Valley and Jane Zelikova.

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