[Bonus Ep- Rebroadcast] Time to Think Small w/ Todd Myers[Bonus Ep- Rebroadcast] Time to Think Small w/ Todd Myers
Episode #

[Bonus Ep- Rebroadcast] Time to Think Small w/ Todd Myers

Episode #

[Bonus Ep- Rebroadcast] Time to Think Small w/ Todd Myers


This conversation is a re-run of a segment from an episode we released earlier this month.

On this episode we welcome a thought leader in free-market environmental policy - Todd Myers, the Director of the Center for the Environment at the Washington Policy Center. His 2022 book, “Time to Think Small: How nimble environmental technologies can solve the planet’s biggest problems,” sheds light on how compact, innovative technologies are giving individuals the power to safeguard endangered wildlife, cut back on CO2 emissions, and combat the issue of ocean plastic.

With his extensive background in environmental policy and public relations, Todd offers a unique perspective on the interplay between the marketplace and environmental action. "Todd's insights are set to provide a clear understanding of the political and social dynamics facing advocates of carbon removal in the environmental landscape."

Just last month, a landmark decision in Washington State made headlines as it became the first in the U.S. to pass its capital budget with funding specifically allocated for carbon dioxide removal, or CDR. This move is groundbreaking as it goes beyond just CO2, marking the first time a U.S. state has endorsed investments into technologies designed to actively remove a full spectrum of greenhouse gases, including methane and nitrous oxide, from our atmosphere.

The state will distribute these funds—totaling $12 million—as grants. Businesses, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations can apply, leveraging this opportunity to further their research, development, and demonstration projects focused on carbon and greenhouse gas removal. This decision is a timely one.

Todd and Radhika talk about his work on environmental policy, its applications to carbon removal, and the recent news from Washington State.

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