An Update—w/ Josh Felser, climate investorAn Update—w/ Josh Felser, climate investor
Episode #

An Update—w/ Josh Felser, climate investor

Episode #

An Update—w/ Josh Felser, climate investor


Nori has evolved a great deal since its founding in 2017, and today, the team is ready to shift from a build-to-learn prototype to a build-to-scale model. The product team is working to reduce friction in the supply experience, while the sales team develops a repeatable, scalable business model. So, what progress have they made in the last year? And where is there still room for growth?

Josh Felser is an angel investor in Nori and Founder of Climactic, a VC fund that invests in visionary founders solving our planet’s greatest challenges. On this bonus episode of Reversing Climate Change, Josh interviews Nori team members Paul Gambill, Evangeline Marzec, Alexsandra Guerra, Radhika Moolgavkar, and Ross Kenyon for an update on Nori’s progress over the last 12 months, starting with the major trends in the climate space that affect the startup’s carbon removal marketplace.

They discuss how the team has grown, sharing Nori’s values-based approach to hiring and explaining how they’ve iterated over the last year to improve product-market fit. Listen in as Paul, Evangeline, Alexsandra, Radhika, and Ross offer insight on building trust with customers as they work to scale and learn about the forthcoming launch of the Nori token and the role it will play in determining the marketplace value of removing carbon from the atmosphere.

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