an update from Mark Herrema of 
Newlight Technologiesan update from Mark Herrema of 
Newlight Technologies
Episode #

an update from Mark Herrema of Newlight Technologies

Episode #

an update from Mark Herrema of Newlight Technologies


Since its founding in 2003, Newlight Technologies’ goal has been to create consumer-driven solutions to reducing carbon in the air. And while that intention has not changed, the Newlight team’s approach has evolved as they consider how to achieve the greatest impact.

Mark Herrema is the cofounder and CEO of Newlight, an advanced biotechnology company using greenhouse gas to produce sustainable materials and replacements for plastic. On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Mark joins Ross and cohost Radkhika Moolgavkar, Head of Supply and Methodology at Nori, to discuss what Newlight has been up to since his last appearance on the podcast, explaining how they brought a new plant online in 2019 and why the team chose foodware and fashion as its first two consumer foci.

Mark shares an overview of the AirCarbon production process, addressing where Newlight’s greenhouse gas feedstocks come from and how Newlight uses the blockchain to track the carbon footprint of its products. Listen in to understand how Mark’s thinking around carbon markets has shifted, why it took two years to get Newlight’s methodology approved, and what marketplaces need to change to make the space more attractive to other ambitious entrepreneurs.

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Mark Herrema on Reversing Climate Change S1E14

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