Carbon Removal at COP28 + 2023's CDR WrappedCarbon Removal at COP28 + 2023's CDR Wrapped
Episode #

Carbon Removal at COP28 + 2023's CDR Wrapped

Episode #

Carbon Removal at COP28 + 2023's CDR Wrapped


The world’s annual climate summit, COP28, has wrapped up in Dubai. As usual, the massive gathering will end without an all-encompassing deal to fix the climate, but with many new side deals, pledges, and announcements that are very relevant to our climate future. 

Boosters and critics alike will all find lots of fodder from the past few weeks, and for better or worse carbon removal played a role in the deliberations. 

On this episode, our policy panel reflects on the role CDR played at COP, and catch up on some other major industry news as we wrap up 2023 including-

-The COP deal to “transition from fossil fuels

-Why the Article 6.4 rules on offsets were postponed

-Which countries committed to going “carbon-negative” at COP28

-Record climate capital deployed all over the world 

-“Carbon Removals at COP” coalition

-Frontier’s record CDR purchase from Lithos

-The Road to Removals report

-& the panels highlights of 2023 and what they hope to see in CDR in 2024


On This Episode

Holly Jean Buck

Wil Burns

Radhika Moolgavkar



Unabated’ fossil fuel debate

Holly’s book “Ending Fossil Fuels”

COP’s fossil fuel pledge

Record capital deployed

Carbon Removals at COP

Frontier’s purchase from Lithos

Road to Removal report

RMI’s new CDR innovation report

AGU Conference

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