3 CDR Startups Making Moves3 CDR Startups Making Moves
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3 CDR Startups Making Moves

Episode #

3 CDR Startups Making Moves


CDR startups are under pressure from numerous sources including current economic downturns, criticisms from the United Nations about carbon removal methods, and problems within the carbon offset market. Despite these challenges, significant investments continue to flow into the industry. This is largely due to the perception among investors that CDR plays a crucial role in reaching the goal of net-zero emissions.

In this episode our business panel analyze the impacts of three recent significant announcements from CDR startups.

  • Charm Industrial has secured a $100 million Series B funding round to further their bio-oil pyrolysis approach.
  • Carbon to Sea has successfully obtained $50 million in philanthropic funding to progress their work on ocean alkalinity enhancement.
  • Newcomer DAC startup, Holocene, has formed a partnership with the Department of Energy to accelerate their next-generation technology from lab to market.

These developments represent new scientific research supported by philanthropy, fresh cutting-edge technology, and significant funding efforts. Radhika and the business panel unpack what these milestones mean for CDR startups.

Providing expert commentary and analysis on these developments are Na’im Merchant and Susan Su. They lend their expertise to help us understand the potential implications these headlines will have on the future of the CDR sector.

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