Is Large-Scale CDR Sustainable?Is Large-Scale CDR Sustainable?
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Is Large-Scale CDR Sustainable?

Episode #

Is Large-Scale CDR Sustainable?


Is Large-Scale CDR Sustainable?

Two recent journal publications point to potential risks associated with large-scale carbon dioxide removal (CDR). Is 10 gigatons annually a realistic and sustainable target? Should we aim for 1 gigaton, or could 28 be feasible? What land use and energy limitations are inherent in large-scale CDR, and what policy measures could ensure a just and scientifically rigorous implementation of this emerging technology?

In this episode, our Policy Panel discusses both the potential pitfalls and the potential necessity of large-scale carbon removal, as humanity continues to emit over 40 gigatons of CO2 annually (and counting).

A must-listen for those who question the viability of CDR as well as those who believe in the "gigatons or bust" approach.

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Wil Burns

Holly Jean Buck

Radhika Moolgavkar


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