10 CDR Headlines from July10 CDR Headlines from July
Episode #

10 CDR Headlines from July

Episode #

10 CDR Headlines from July


This month, there’s been a flurry of business news in the CDR world. We’re taking August off from the show, but before we go we’re going to dive into 10 stories that broke in the last few weeks, that have big implications for the carbon removal industry.

On this episode hear about companies putting CO2 into concrete, plastics, and fuel, new investment funds, announcements of new engineered carbon removal facilities, and analysis of the macroeconomic conditions the industry is facing.

To explain what’s behind these headlines, we’re by our regular business panel, Susan Su and Na’im Merchant.

They tell us all about news from…

· CarbonCure

· Airminer’s Kiloton Fund

· Twelve

· EU Climate VC funding

· Prime Coalition

· Avnos

· Brimstone

· Deep Sky + Captura

· Octavia

· “500 Climate Unicorns in 20 Years?”

On This Episode

Susan Su

Na’im Merchant

Asa Kamer


CarbonCure announcement

Airminer’s Kiloton Fund

Twelve’s new plant

Sifted article on EU climate funding

Prime Coalition fund


Brimstone announcement

Deep Sky hub in Canada


Our Episode w/ Octavia’s CEO

Sean O’Sullivan Interview

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