Scaling web3 gaming and removing carbon

Myria is an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) built to scale digital assets, NFTs, blockchain gaming and more. It achieves this by offering instant trade confirmation with zero gas fees when minting and trading NFTs, all without compromising users’ security or assets.

It currently has three divisions: Myria Platform (wallet and NFT marketplace services), Myria Studios (a player-focused gaming studio), and Myria Developer Solutions (a business success solutions suite offering APIs, SDKs and more).

Environmental sustainability is important to Myria. As an Ethereum L2, it’s projected to have about 40,000 nodes running and contributing to its ecosystem. The team at Myria believes it is their responsibility to make sure that the combined carbon footprint of all those nodes is accounted for. By purchasing carbon removals, they hope to balance Myria’s carbon footprint.

“Myria needs a habitable world for people to focus on our mission to drive blockchain adoption, therefore sustainability and climate change is important to us,” Brendan Duhamel, Myria co-founder, told us recently. “We looked at a number of options, both decentralized and centralized, and found that Nori's approach allowed us to most transparently track our impact from every dollar spent to the unit of carbon removed.”

90 tonnes of carbon removed by Myria!

Nori Regenerative Tonnes purchased to date: 90

2 regenerative agriculture projects supported

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🚜 Muff Farms

🚜 Miltrim Farms

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nori certification

Verified Carbon Removal

These certificates are third-party verified and include extensive farm data to transparently show the tonnes of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere.

🌱 30 Regenerative Tonnes | 11/2022| Myria

🌱 30 Regenerative Tonnes | 10/2022 | Myria

🌱 30 Regenerative Tonnes | 09/2022 | Myria

Reversing climate change is possible.

We can reverse climate change if we remove enough carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere.