February 2023 Incident Report

Wilson Organic Farms

In February of 2023, Nori decided to release 1,149 Regenerative Tonnes issued across 15 fields from Wilson Organic Farms back in 2021. We originally issued these Regenerative Tonnes and put them on reserve, anticipating the growers to eventually acquire the proper assignment of authority. We recently learned that the grower no longer expects to have the proper paperwork, making these Regenerative Tonnes no longer valid. Since they were reserved from issuance, no buyer certificates were affected by this over-issuance.

Affected certificates


Remediation steps

1. Nori issued the original NRTs and reserved them to prevent them from selling.
2. Nori learned from the grower that these NRTs will never be eligible for sale.
3. Nori invalidated these NRTs so that they can never be sold.