Nori, The Carbon Removal Marketplace for Early Adopters

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Nori is a marketplace for carbon removal bringing transparency to carbon markets. We’re creating a carbon commodity through our cryptocurrency, the NORI token.

We work with all sizes of ag businesses and farmers, to pay them for their farms’ carbon.

We’re a Carbon Removal Marketplace, Not an Ag Company

Our marketplace is an accessibile entry into carbon markets because there are no other commitments outside of it. We doesn’t push any ag products, and we never own your data.

We work directly with all sizes of ag businesses and farmers, to enroll their farms’ carbon in our marketplace and sell their carbon credits. Nori provides the marketplace; you own the carbon. With us, suppliers directly benefit from any price increase in carbon.

nori get paid for soil carbon
nori get paid for soil carbon

Add value to your company and customers with a proven carbon market offering


Make your data profitable by using it to generate carbon credits with Nori

nori marketplace

Help create the carbon market you want to see by working directly with us

We’ve paid early adopter farmers ~$1.3million for selling their soil carbon in the Nori marketplace

larry arndt

Nori is small, but performing well. More than $1 million in carbon credits traded. They can prove they're paying farmers.

Larry Arndt, SimplyAg