Nori Joins WEF’s Crypto Sustainability Coalition

The Coalition explores the potential for

Web3 technologies to help solve climate change

Nori recently joined the World Economic Forum’s Crypto Sustainability Coalition (CSC), a new coalition created to investigate how web3 and blockchain can be leveraged for positive climate action. The coalition is a public-private initiative with 30 partners focused on exploring three primary themes: energy usage in the crypto industry, Web3’s potential for climate action, and on-chain carbon credits. Our inclusion in the coalition gives Nori a seat at the table to help move the carbon offsets industry forward, allows us to learn from and share expertise with other industry leaders, and introduces us to WEF’s network of global leaders in the climate space and beyond.

What are the goals of the coalition?

The coalition’s wider aim is to build an educational campaign on what web3’s potential and capacity look like, to better inform governments on how to regulate these technologies, and to incentivize investment and research into their development. To this end, the coalition holds working groups with representatives from various organizations and companies. Nori’s representatives are Radhika Moolgavkar, Head of Supply and Methodology, Alexsandra Guerra, Head of Demand, and Daren McKelvey, Head of Crypto Partnerships.

“Back in 2017, when Nori was getting ready to launch the world’s first blockchain-based carbon removal marketplace, we couldn’t have imagined how much the industry would grow within just a few years. Now, with WEF’s new Crypto Sustainability Coalition, we’re seeing climate-crypto projects from all corners of the world come together in one place to build a cohesive narrative and strategy around crypto’s capacity to help solve climate change. I’m excited to bring Nori’s perspectives to the table while elevating the combined strengths of the coalition’s partners.”

-Alexsandra Guerra, Nori Co-Founder and Head of Demand

Nori’s Role in The Coalition

As one of the earliest companies to build in the climate-crypto space, Nori brings a unique perspective on how the landscape has evolved, what’s worked, and what hasn’t worked. We believe our expertise on the following topics will spark impactful conversations in support of the coalition’s goals:

  • Amplifying blockchain's transparency and real-world blockchain use cases. Nori has earned the support of both crypto-native and crypto-naive folks over the years. Our recent partnership with Bayer, one of the world’s largest agricultural companies, is a testament to our leadership in fostering wider crypto adoption.
  • Introducing carbon removal suppliers to cryptocurrency. We’ve developed a strong relationship with carbon removal suppliers and familiarized new audiences, such as regenerative farmers, with the benefits of crypto.
  • Influencing crypto sustainability policies. On the policy side, Nori is a founding member of the Carbon Business Council (CBC), where we help shape conversations on carbon management, government relations, and public affairs to responsibly grow carbon removal’s impact in reversing climate change. We’re excited to see how learnings from the CBC and CSC can cross over to generate more well-rounded policies across the climate and crypto industries.

“I'm excited about projects like Nori which is helping overlooked farmers turn carbon stocks into financial assets. It's an ecosystem approach that centers on the people and communities that traditional sectors often leave completely outside of the global sustainability agenda. At the World Economic Forum, part of our mission is to elevate the climate leadership and experiences driven by local communities. I'm excited to propel this mission forward with Nori, as part of the Crypto Sustainability Coalition.”

-Evin Cheikosman, Project Lead for WEF’s Crypto Sustainability Coalition

Collaborating to Reverse Climate Change

Climate change is a global problem that requires global solutions. The Crypto Sustainability Coalition provides an opportunity for cohesion across countries, companies, and technologies to progress Web3 climate solutions — a goal that Nori has been invested in since our founding in 2017. We’re grateful to bring our expertise to the Crypto Sustainability Coalition, collaborate with other climate-forward organizations in the blockchain space, and move solutions forward.

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About Nori

Nori is a blockchain-based carbon removal marketplace built in Seattle, Washington. Founded in 2017, Nori is on a mission to reverse climate change by creating the financial incentives for people to remove trillions of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere. Currently, Nori sources carbon removal by supporting farmers adopting regenerative agriculture practices that sequester CO2 from the atmosphere. In the future, Nori will enable various methods of carbon removal. Get involved in Nori's community by joining our Discord or signing up for our weekly newsletter.